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I am obsessed with connecting stuff in the Internet of Things! From connecting social services to hardware devices, I just can't get enough and I want to share my experience!

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Finding ways to get exponential results - From Learning to Marketing, and on to Building, get it all done faster, better, and cheaper!

Easy Automation

Social Media Automation: I really don't want to waste time updating my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube. Fickr, Instagram. I like to take the easy road... let Social Media Automation handle the heavy lifting!

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Recipes for linking Flickr to Instagram

IFTTT – InstaStream Share Instagram Updates To Flickr

Recently I was thinking of ways to save my beachside pics of Sunrise and Sunset and it wasn’t long before I realized that IFTTT would be perfect for something like…

This is a picture of an uncased RaspberryPi in the Palm of IoZack's Hand

RaspberryPi – What in the world is this thing ?

What in the world is a RaspberryPi? With a simple search we can find out the RaspberryPi is a credit card sized computer and lots of other geeky tech specs. But, what…

Header Image of Do Recipie to Block next hour

IFTTT Recipe: The Instant Hour Timebox DO + Google Calendar

I think we’ve all been in the situation, but now that I am time boxing and using serious ToDo Lists it happens more often. Just like that you’ve found a reason to block off…

IF I have and event on google calendar then add it to my evernote

IFTTT Recipe: Easily & Autmatically Track Your Time

One of the great things about being a software engineer / software developer, is that you’re accountable for your production AND there’s usually a record of what you’ve worked on or…

IFTTTs do app camera + evernote

IFTTT Recipe: Remember This Business Card

It’s a really common business person problem to exchange business cards and then not remember the context meeting that person. Finding an awesome solution on IFTTT was an exciting discovery! For…

Send Me an email when the president signs a law

My Favorite Recipes: Email Me New National Laws

IFTTT Recipes -The Sunlight Foundation + Email I’m a bit of an amateur politico, so I’d like to think that I stay up to date with the major things that go…

What is a BitCoin?

BitCoins? WTF is a BlockChain Currency?

What The Fuck is a BlockChain, and how in the world can an idea be used as Currency? Well, since this is a simple intro, we’re gonna skip right over…


Evrything – IoT Platform To Connect Everything

If you’ve come to read a tutorial on how to operate in the eco system, you’ve come to the wrong place. Since I started the IoT MeetUp, the name Evrything had…

Jeffs interviewer finds him refreshing

Would You Rather Use a Node, or Create Gold?

Before becoming an Evangelist, and going to work for a huge enterprise organization, before getting my start at a mid-level shop, I was a one-man start up. Ok it was…


OctoblUber – The Automated Designated Driver

I’ve often been asked well how is the Internet of things really going to help us? The answer has really been that simple, because the Internet of things is so…

Myo aromband in box and the Blink1 plugged in

Myo 2 Blink – IoT – Controlling lights with a flick of the wrist

Yesterday I had a meet up on the Internet of Things, and it was Awesome! We started by having an open discussion about the platforms the we are familiar with, and current sensors…

Using IFTTT and IoT to automate your personal life

Creating Your First Social IFTTT Recipe – A Twitter Responder

Before investing too much time in this I’m assuming you have a twitter account, and an IFTTT account. If you don’t please get set up at & Lets login to…

Creating a connected Juke Box

Turning Spotify into a Connected JukeBox

I’ve been messing around with Octoblu for almost a year now (August 2015). With all the updates being pushed out, I started exploring some of their new nodes, and flow…

Octoblu Development on a Tablet

Getting Started With Octoblu Part 2 – Giving Your Flows A Voice

Im excited to get started on this one, but if you haven’t gotten a chance to check out my description of the IoT… pause this, and go check out the Intro Here  and…

Octoblu Controlled Glowing Pyramid

Getting Started With Octoblu – IoT Automation No Code Required

Nodes are the foundation that Octoblu is built on, so what exactly is a node? A node is a representation of something that you want to interact with. In some cases a…