Monthly: September 2015

Everything I Want The World To Know (and some stuff I want to remember)

What is a BitCoin?

BitCoins? WTF is a BlockChain Currency?

What The Fuck is a BlockChain, and how in the world can an idea be used as Currency? Well, since this is a simple intro, we’re gonna skip right over the details of the Block Chain. All you need to understand is that the Block Chain, is a record of…

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Evrything – IoT Platform To Connect Everything

If you’ve come to read a tutorial on how to operate in the eco system, you’ve come to the wrong place. Since I started the IoT MeetUp, the name Evrything had popped up a few times, but there wasn’t any real discussion. I signed up after seeing an (obviously retargeted ad)…

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Jeffs interviewer finds him refreshing

Would You Rather Use a Node, or Create Gold?

Before becoming an Evangelist, and going to work for a huge enterprise organization, before getting my start at a mid-level shop, I was a one-man start up. Ok it was really two, but you get the idea. When I’m in a work position that forces you to wear a lot…

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