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Evrything – IoT Platform To Connect Everything

What Will I Do for $5?

If you’ve come to read a tutorial on how to operate in the eco system, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Since I started the IoT MeetUp, the name Evrything had popped up a few times, but there wasn’t any real discussion. I signed up after seeing an (obviously retargeted ad) on Facebook, figuring,  “Now is as good a time as any right”?

The sign-up process was painless, but I would’ve liked to tie the account to my GitHub like I can with Octoblu. Although, once I signed up it did force me to login, which wasn’t very smooth.

My first impression was bland as fuck. It felt like I was eating unflavored oatmeal.

I had just come off of a two week binder creating content when I came across Evrything, so that might make my opinion slightly more biased than if it were a normal few weeks of work. Even knowing that, I don’t think I was overly biased. The dashboard is a soft contrast of two tone gray that would make a prison look lively, and there is LITERALLY NOTHING to start with.

At that moment a more appropriate branding would have been NoThngs. andOctoblu both have a nice little demo of what they do as soon as you log in. As a matter of fact, they both start with things that you can just drag and drop to start using, with almost no configuration required. had absolutely NOTHING. It’s entirely empty with a 1999 hyperlink indicating that I can have a “pre-configured demo’ set up. When I clicked the button and entered the info I was expecting to see something, anything to demonstrate how to use Evrything. I got nothing.

I poked around and created another project, defined a thng, and tried to hook up a Facebook application for authentication, but I would’ve preferred to not have to interact with Facebook in order to learn more about Evrything.

All in all I hope someone from Evrything reaches out to me, because I really feel like Im missing something simple. If I’m not… then don’t believe the hype.

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