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IFTTT one of the most popular IoT Translators for people of all skill levels because of how simple it is to use. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” – And this is a true description of the only thing you’ll do with IFTTT.

IFTTT calls its the actions that it can take, “recepies”, and basicly the idea is that you have 2 ingredients, then you put them together, and now you have something that neither of the original ingredients could have been on their own.

IFTTT works with almost any popular service on the web like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc… And, it even works with a whole platter of real world devices and sensors like your phone, a WiThings Scale, and your Nest Thermostat. It connects with many more things as we will discover along the way, so these are just a few examples that I think most of you can relate to.

Lets get started.

First things first, lets head over to and sign up for an account.

Once youre all situated and get logged in to, IFTTT will give you a quiick wizard to help you get your first recipie up and running.

Click on the “this”  and set up your first service. IFTTT will select the weather service for you and allow you to select the reponder – or “then that” part of “if this then that”. IFTTT will automatically select your email as a service.

When you click continue they’ll show you how it all works… They did some wizardry in the background to select the “email me if it rains” recipie, but they havent yet shown you how to choose the logic you want, so they set you up with something that will work right out of the gate…. They dont know where your from so I wouldnt expect an email about your town any time soon, but youll probably get one at somepoint about SF or Cupertino or some NorCal place.

Now, in order to help figure out recipies to suggest to you, IFTTT shows you a lot of the channels that are most popular among their users. You should select as many as youre interested in. Dont shy away. Pick em all if theyre all up your alley.

After you set up your first recipie and you hit the logged in homepage for the first time youll be presented with a pretty large list of recepies, and I encourage you to go exploring. Don’t get overwhlemed, we will go over everything you need to know, but take a second to click around on some of the slider options, see what services you recognize. That’ll be helpful later. If you have an iPhone check out the recepies for iOS, and the same for android.

Then go ahead and check out some of the receipes they siggest under the banner. These are taileored to you based ont he options you selected in the previous step.

Ok, at this point lets set some expectations: This course will not cover ALL of the possible services that IFTTT hits. There are literally 100’s of them by now. But, we will cover enough of each type of channel (thats what they call the ‘ingredients’) that you’ll be able to figure out most of what we dont cover. If you have specific services or devices that you want to see me work with, shoot me an email ro reach out to me on twitter @developingZack.

Many of the recipes are so simple to use that it literally just takes a couple of clicks.

Before we go writing our own recipies, lets go check out what some of the ther chefs can teach us about the IFTTT Kitchen.

Locate the search bar on the page an type in “Email Me if Apple Up 5%”, and scroll down until you see until an item matiching the exact title from “IoZMiami”. Once you select the recipie, youll see a very large ADD button. Click the button to add this recipie to your cookbook. And just like that you’ve started to take advantage of the IFTTT network and community.

Publishing recipies is a great way to share with others, and since there is so much shared with us already, giving back seems like a no brainer!

Now that you’ve seen recipies its worth mentioning that they’re borken up into 2 categories: “if” and “do”.

IF – Means that this is going to run at some point in the future and it will run until you tell it to stop.

DO – Means you need to push a button to make it start – but it starts at the push of a button.

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