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IF I have and event on google calendar then add it to my evernote

IFTTT Recipe: Easily & Autmatically Track Your Time

What Will I Do for $5?

One of the great things about being a software engineer / software developer, is that you’re accountable for your production AND there’s usually a record of what you’ve worked on or produced. Whether that’s through your git check-in’s, or through a agile workflow, whether it’s Agile or Kanban, there’s usually a way to see how you’ve progressed over time. Using IFTTT, you can have the same kind of report, with very little effort just by linking some services together. 

When all the work you do is easily tracked and reported, it makes for a very easy way to be accountable for what you’ve done over a period of time, if you need to be. But for most people tracking what they’re working on isn’t as easy, simply because there aren’t many ways to efficiently keep track. Then you end up getting evaluated on the amount of hours you put in instead of the actual job you’re doing.

It’s totally reasonable to think of any number of things this might get in the way of recording everything you spent time on. Plus, simply taking the time to log everything that you’ve done takes time. Taking time away from what you’re really supposed to be doing, just to cover your own butt and make a record of what you’ve done, probably isn’t the best use of time.

We aren’t the only ones to face the issue, and as you can imagine some very creative people on IFTTT have already come up with a great way to ease your pain. Create a recipe to add an Evernote journal entry for every item on your Google Calendar  This can be tailored down to use specific tags, or to only add specific non-personal items to the list, but it will still help in being able to remember everything that you’ve done when its time to go re-negotiate, or ask for that bonus that you know you deserve! 

Now by simply adding all of your work tasks to your Google calendar either, when you’re working on them or planning, you’ll actually be creating a responsibility log of everything you’ve done.

You can think of it kind of a like a new age punch card where it becomes incredibly easy to report back to any superior what you’ve been working on and how valuable you are to the company. If you’re not that valuable, and you don’t work that hard, I’d suggest probably not making a go of this one.

But, for the majority of us… we work harder than the credit we earn, and should be rewarded for it. This simple IFTTT recipe will make it easy for you to discern exactly how valuable you are & be able to prove why you should be rewarded!

This recipe is like extra money in your pocket!

Recipe Link: IF Google Calendar THEN Evernote

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