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IFTTT Recipe: Remember This Business Card

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It’s a really common business person problem to exchange business cards and then not remember the context meeting that person. Finding an awesome solution on IFTTT was an exciting discovery! For me, adding someone to my Contacts List does me even less good. It becomes an issue when I’m doing a lot of networking and these business cards pile up. There are a lot of John’s, Jim’s, and  and even if they’re segregated or segmented in some way to try to give you some semblance of organization, remembering all the details about people’s is pretty difficult.

To be honest, I even tried writing down details on the back of the card, but I’m embarrassed of getting caught taking notes on people right after we meet.

One of the coolest solutions to this problem that I’ve seen in the business scape as of today, is IFTTT. Using a DO recipe  lets you to take a picture of a business card & save it to an Evernote notebook with information about where you took the picture, automatically included.  You get stuff like, location & time, That way you can go in and add any notes that you have about the interaction later without having to save the card :).

You’ll already have notes about where you met them, now just jot a reminder of what you talked about. Taking a picture of the business card, as I’ve found out, is far less rude than writing notes on the back of it.

Another quick benefit to doing it this way is that all of your contacts are grouped by when and how you met them. If you can remember 1, you can get to all the rest of the people from the same event.

As awesome as this is on it’s own, how much cooler would it be if we used the result of “Adding an Image Note to A Specific Notebook” to trigger some other action, like marking our Google Calendar, or Adding a Prospect to a CRM?

Add an Idea or 2 in the comments section!

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