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IFTTT Recipe: The Instant Hour Timebox DO + Google Calendar

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I think we’ve all been in the situation, but now that I am time boxing and using serious ToDo Lists it happens more often. Just like that you’ve found a reason to block off the next hour of your time immediately! One of the principals of the 4HWW Book is that you should be able to work from anywhere at any time, but that’s not always the case.

Sometimes you need to deal with something right away, and sometimes the most convenient time to deal with something is now. Instead of pushing it off making the time becomes extremely important, and I’ve been trying very hard to be anti-multitasking, so I’ve been using this one a lot! 

Unless you meticulously found a way to add all of your tasks to your calendar on the fly (maybe a combo to ToDoist, IFTTT, and Google Cal?), then an immediate, ad hoc, decisions to start doing work require you to go update the iCal. But, what if your priority queue doesn’t live on a connectable app? I really love the app: Handle. I use it to schedule EVERYTHING. The only aspect that leaves me in desire, is that it doesn’t interface with IFTTT. It does almost everything I wanted when I was looking to build my own 4HWW app, except it isn’t yet a channel on IFTTT. 

Now, I’m in the situation where my next task is coming from a tool I don’t want to give up, and I want to practice the 4HWW principals correctly… but taking time to go mark up my iCal or Google Cal just so that people see I’m “Do Not Disturb” just isn’t something that I think about.

Using this simple do recipe, IFTTT blocks off the next 60 minutes on your calendar simply with a click. Open the DO app for IFTTT, touch the button, and voilà your time is now blocked off for the next 60 minutes.

You can even use this do action as a trigger for something else. You’ve already connected your GoogleCal so why not create an action that respond to the trigger of ‘Status Changed’ or Item Added that when a new item is added to the calendar some other action takes place. And simply put we can use this very simple do recipe to time box and successfully knock off our to do list all on the fly, or ad hoc, with the click of a button.

Link to the Recipe:

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