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IFTTT Recipes -The Sunlight Foundation + Email

I’m a bit of an amateur politico, so I’d like to think that I stay up to date with the major things that go on in Washington D.C., but it’s hard to keep up with all the inflammatory rhetoric. When you turn on the TV or check out the news, there isn’t a fuckton of coverage for almost any of the bills that actually get passed. It takes a LOT to pass a bill these days. No matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, I’d bet my life your side has an opinion on every bill that makes it to the floor. Since it’s not easy to get passed, our government doesn’t actually pass much.

Thankfully The Sunlight Foundation is there to watch the President’s Pen every time it gets used.

An Equally Awesome High-5 goes out to IF This Then That ( for including the Sunlight Foundation’s webpage as a trigger in their list of channels.

When I first found this recipe on IFTTT, I was really excited. First of all, I hadn’t heard of the Sunlight Foundation, so that was a +1. Then to be able to forget that it even existed, and let keep me up to date was a double +1;

I am almost ashamed of what actually passes on a level that is equal to my excitement for being able to stay up on it, with out having to do any real research of my own. You should see some of these things that come through…. 3 weeks go by and then like 15 Schools and 19 Government Buildings get renamed, and a few roads get dedicated. Then more time will go by and something equally ridiculous, the construction of a pool or a redistricting of a park will get signed.

For all the hyperbolic, shit talking, rhetoric these National Senators and Congress people get paid to profess at the podium of democracy, they really don’t get much accomplished.

Maybe Global Climate Change is caused by all these windbags making careers out of blowing hot air.

Import Recipe:

Search for The Sunlight Foundation from the HomePage, and click the link for Email me when the president signs a new bill into law. 

Step By Step:

First navigate and login to Then head over to your personal recipes at: My Recipes

  1. Click Create Recipe

    Create Recipe button from


  2. Click this
    Create Trigger Link in IFTTT

    The first step in an IFTTT Recipe


  3. Select the Sunlight Foundation Channel
    Sunlight Fondation icon on IFTTT

    IFTTT Channel Icon in Search for Trigger


  4. Choose The President Signs a New bill into law

    Choose the option to Trigger every time the president signs a new bill.

    IFTTT display item for using every new law as a trigger.

  5. Click the Create Trigger button and then click That
  6. Search for and Select Email
  7. Choose Send Me An Email
  8. The Pre-populated Ingredients will work fine
    1. The only ingredient that is not used by default is OpenCongressURL
  9. Click the Create Action button
  10. Click the Save Recipe button

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