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I’ve often been asked well how is the Internet of things really going to help us? The answer has really been that simple, because the Internet of things is so vast. Today though, as I was considering what it meant to have uber as a node on octablu, I realized that there is a very easy to understand real-world use of the Internet of things.

Let’s imagine the following scenario: I go out for a night of drinking, and I don’t know if I’ll be drunk at the end of the night. This good chance that I may not have had enough to drink for me to be considered drunk, but I don’t have a breathalyzer in my car. Since Octoblu can connect to my car, Uber, and my iPhone, I could set up a flow to text message me a simple math problem, and determine if I’m drunk based on my answer. If I am drunk, I can stop my car from turning on, and call an Uber using my account.

Now I guess the biggest variable is how to determine if I am drunk. I figured I’d use a simple math equation to figure out if I’m too drunk to be behind the wheel, but you could use any thing you like to score your drunken-ness.

Okay, so how does really work? Well we would first have to start by connecting the car to Octoblu. This would mean putting a connected raspberryPi in the glove box, and notifying Octoblu when the car starts. Octoblu would determine if it was night, and when needed,  immediately shut the car down while sending me a text message.  The text message would include a math problem and expect a text response (tie in Twilio). Then, depending on if I got it right in less than “x” seconds, the car has permission to turn on. But, if I get the answer wrong or take too long to answer the question…. I will get one more opportunity to enter a new math equation. The same process will execute, and if I fail this time, Octoblu will leave the car off, and call me an Uber.

Either way I get home safe!

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