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Creating a connected Juke Box

Turning Spotify into a Connected JukeBox

What Will I Do for $5?

I’ve been messing around with Octoblu for almost a year now (August 2015). With all the updates being pushed out, I started exploring some of their new nodes, and flow updates.  Amazingly I found an OAuth node that will allow you to work with any login service or platform that allows you to “login with …” (Facebook, Twitter, Github, etc).

It got me thinking about what I could do with the ability to securely login to 3rd party platforms. My creative juices turned into a river when I realized I was actually breaking down the barriers between our data. For example, Try to pull all of your Facebook photos into Instagram, or Try to get all of the Artists you “like” on Facebook into a Spotify Playlist. Now, I can use all the beautiful data that you’ve been accumulating over the years and turn it into something that can be super useful.

All of the time people ask me – “We’ll the fact that it’s Awesome is great, but how do I make money on it?”

Now that I have a content provider in Spotify, I realized that I could very easily create a scenario where people in a real space can engage with the world around them either some via something like Twitter or any other more regular service like email or SMS. This obvious idea in music is to control a sound system.

Using a  a raspberryPi (or really any old computer that is laying around) I can search Twitter for new tweets that tell me the song and artist, and then launch the Spotify Web Page so that we can use the Desktop (Free) version to play the song by connecting the audio of the raspberryPi or computer to the real speakers in the space.

ITS A CONNECTED JUKE BOX! Every Bar or NightClub can have a unique twitter handle and so using that as my search criteria, I can make sure that particular Bar or NightClub is the one to play the requested song.

If you’re creative, the business benefits that can come from a cool service like this are innumerable, the obvious are just the tip of the iceberg:

  1. Your customers get to have the experience they want by taking control of it, which means happier customers who stay longer and spend more.
  2. It raises your venues social profile by having people tweet or post to your accounts.
  3. It creates an engagement between your customers, their mobile devices, and the business.
  4. It eliminates the need for thousands of dollars spent on a JukeBox or other solution.

If you’re willing to get a little more creative, lets take a Bar for example:

  1. You can assign Sales & Specials for the 5th/50th/100th etc… song request, and respond back to their twitter handle with a discount.
  2. You can create a Sales & Specials assigned to a specific song / artist / genre
  3. I can inject your own ads between songs, this allows for advertising of the venue, but also a revenue stream from other local businesses that didn’t exist before.
  4. I can create a local artist song injection for guaranteed listening time for local artists, without having to book them for the whole night. Now instead of you paying them, their managers/ booking agent can start to be charged by the venue.

By engaging the customer in a way that they not only opt into, but are excited about, you can dump that old email list and those old paid promotion tactics, and now this brick and mortar business can begin to communicate directly with their customers over social channels. For instance, now that this bar has had over 100 nights in service and over 1000 tweets, some percentage of those tweets will be unique users, who are accessible to you when you want to offer a Sunday Funday promo in the future.

Moreover, this kind of engagement is much more easily trackable and actionable than the old school version of putting flyers on cars, or the vegas style flyer handouts. If there were some sort of button on the register to mark each of those promoted items (or even just one of those promoted items and it changes every hour or so) it can be used to to track how well the engagement translated into actual dollars at the register. Where else can a brick and mortar measure their rate of return like that?


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  • I thought about this the exact same thing about 3 years ago when I worked for Myxer.FM with a bunch of ex-citrites. Nobody shared the excitement so I guess no one dared to try this more than the TouchTunes guys. GMTA 😉

    Roberto Andrade August 16, 2015, 5:35 pmReply

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