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This is a picture of an uncased RaspberryPi in the Palm of IoZack's Hand

RaspberryPi – What in the world is this thing ?

What Will I Do for $5?

What in the world is a RaspberryPi?

With a simple search we can find out the RaspberryPi is a credit card sized computer and lots of other geeky tech specs. But, what does that mean, and why should I care?

First Lets Tackle The More Difficult Question: What The Heck is a Credit Card Sized Computer?

The easiest way to explain is to ask you to imagine it is to think of it as all the power of a 90’s desktop that can fit in the palm of my hand (Im a 6 foot tall dude).

This is a picture of an uncased RaspberryPi in the Palm of IoZack's Hand

This is a RaspberryPi Credit Crd Sized computer with no case in the Hands of IoZack

Shows the RaspberryPi credit card sized computer displayed in IoZack's Hand

Even in the case the RaspberryPi Fits in the Palm of IoZack’s Hand

Remember that tower that lived under your desk? Now it can fit in your pocket, no matter how skinny your jeans are.

Now for the Big Question? (Drumroll please….)

Who Cares?!?!?!

Well, frankly… Everyone should. Why? BECAUSE ITS ONLY $25!

Its true the for $25 you wont get a mouse/keyboard or monitor included, hell you wont even get a power cable. BUT – The same amount of computing power that used to cost $999 when “Dude You’re Getting A Dell” was a compelling commercial, is now LITERALLY $25.

For an extra $60 you can get the full throttle, hit the ground running package. It’ll come with everything you need to get started, and some stuff you wont NEED, like a RaspberryPi Branded Case.

I’m sorry I went all geeky off the rails, getting back to the really important question: Why Should You Care?

Well, if I’m being honest, I can’t really answer that question… but I can tell you why I care, and why I think you should get excited about the RaspberryPi!

Imagineering The Future of:

  • Schools:
    • I can imagine a school system where every student could have a brand-new computer every year for about $40 (assuming the connector cables from last year can be used).
    • Every Teacher can use an Individual Computer to Solve a specific problem in the classroom
    • Using the RaspberryPi as a central controller, Classrooms can become smart with Plug-n-Play sensors, cameras, locks, etc…
  • Work:
    • Every Employee Gets a Full Computer
    • Use a Dedicate Computer At Every Checkout Station
    • Place a Dedicated Computer in every conference room
    • Upgrade At Will
      • Current Stations with custom Blutetooth/beacons/motion hardware can be replaced with a $25 device.


An exciting change in the office is that a person’s relative value (how much the employee makes the company) is almost ALWAYS < $25 a year. Now that the ROI for a computer won’t need to be in the thousands of dollars were only talking 100 bucks maybe a couple hundred bucks max, companies can start to become very creative about using computers to solve problems instead of seeing them as a liability (expensive, hard to fix, often out of date, etc…)

The RaspberryPi runs on the same power source as your cell phone and is actually about as powerful. We’ve been told by Steve Jobs and more recently Tim Cook that the iPhone itself is currently more powerful than your average tower computer in 1991, and its true. The RaspberryPi being about the same size, & having a little bit less computing power can do all of the mondane shit we fill our minds with on the web.  The Pi is totally capable of running small applications without needing something as powerful as a laptop is today, but you wouldn’t want to try to use it to run PhotoShop or iMovie.

All in all, the RaspberryPi gives us the freedom to apply a computer to solve any problem, and to have more than one dedicated computer to solving more than one problem. Its not like the days where EVERYTHING we did on the computer needed to be done not he SAME computer because getting another would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Now that this little bugger is just $25, we don’t need to worry about what the problem is, or if its too small to dedicate an entire computer to. $100 shipped, makes the damn thing so cheap, that using it to solve 1 weekly headache will show a Return on Investment in week 1. Even if the ROI is just saving you some daily aggravation.

The RaspberryPi is easy to develop software for and it uses a very easy programming language. Its easy to get started as a beginner, and it’s as an easy programming language to use in building complex applications. Because it’s so easy you’ll also be able to learn to build very simple apps, from web based tutorials, even if you’re not a developer!

It’s like building with building blocks. Imagine learning to use those blocks to build a Lego Fort that really just consists of a wall and a couple Legos to pretending their buildings. Python is an easy language to figure out how to change that crappy attempt into a beautiful Lego design that you might find at Disney World.

So if I think about it that way… The Reason you should care is:

The RaspberryPi is really a cheap and easy way for everybody to become a developer and use computers to solve their everyday problems!

You can learn more about the RaspberryPi and all of their updates at their homepage:RaspberryPi

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